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Updated: Jan 19, 2019

ST[R]EAM - An [R] with a dual meaning: [R] eading & w [R] iting. An added value in describing an innovative educational practice or a substantial new element of a successful approach? Does this addition complete the puzzle with the important missing piece?

Doukas School continues to offer innovative know-how to the Greek educational community and plans to organize a conference about the emerging trend of STREAM with the title: "STREAM: From STEM... to STE [A] M... and to ST [R ] EAM: Reading and Writing as Basic Components of Sciences".

Key argument: Converting STEM to STEAM activates science and goes one step further. Converting STEAM to STREAM releases very powerful creativity levels. Let's unify our most vital skills... that are so different for everyone. Let us trace and compose our creative diversity ...

Who: Six major speakers (1 for each STREAM theme area) with successful course in their scientific field, but also with broader skills covering a wide scope of the STRAM activities.

Events: Short STREAM activities, specially designed by students, will be presented before each major speach. Each speaker will be introduced, via SKYPE, by Doukas School alumni who study in Universities abroad. 

Audience: Decision makers of education, members of Educational Institutions, representatives of Educational Bodies, Associations, etc., authors, journalists, representatives of Educational Organizations / Schools and professional training, educators seeking innovative approaches, students and parents

When: Saturday, April 2, 2019

Where: Dais Cultural Center at Doukas School, Athens, Greece




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