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Delivering Educational Services of a higher standard and simultaneously achieving a pedagogical outcome that fulfills the 21st Century needs is quite difficult. SoFIA by using its Educational and Administrational certified and awarded models can assess, with your collaboration every department of your organization and help you decide if, where and how to progress.  From curriculum innovations, and research & development to delivering excellent educational services, from Human Resource to Finance and administrative departments management, it is possible to rationalize costs and enhance management at all levels of hierarchy. Using SoFIA's Models, its practical implementation and its immediate integration, our team of experts in the educational field undertakes a position analysis and recommends growth my implementation of methodologies that are agreed withmanagement to improve productivity of a school.  


The first step of the path to excellence is through a well-established and on going refined check up diagnosis. SoFIA Education Experts conducts  site surveys that focus on benchmarking educational organizations with SoFIA’s models and awarded best practices. This enables these organizations pinpoint the areas that need to be developed for maximum results. We assess the school's requirements and define priorities that are aligned with the school’s mission and vision. After our specialists identify existing opportunities and map the needs, in collaboration with our client, we jointly define the goals and objectives along with the specific time frame required to fully implement the project.


The areas of SoFIA's 2-Day Analysis and Assessment are:


1.0 Strategy

2.0 Education

3.0 Education Support Services

4.0 Managing relationships with students and parents

5.0 Human Resources Management

6.0 Manage IT, Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities

7.0 Manage Financial Resources

8.0 Manage External Relationships and Stakeholders




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