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  • are certified to implement SoFIA principles in a school


  • assist schools in improving their overall quality of education taking into consideration all areas of the school’s performance and standards


  • have presented throughout several global conferences their unique know-how and expertise on SoFIA Education and Administration Model


  • have collaborated with national and international schools to help them improve their own systems or introduce new techniques and methodologies


  • are experienced managers in the education sector with numerous hours of schools’ assessments


  • adjust SoFIA's manuals and processes to serve uniquely each school's needs


  • assist participating schools in becoming part of a wider global learning community, sharing and exchanging knowledge, know – how and management.


  • offer a sound, adjustable and comprehensive administration model that assists schools with their daily operations and improves their performance.


  • develop an evolving relationship based on the success of implemented projects and strategies


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