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We are Microsoft Global Education Training Partner 


We are monitoring all the Microsoft Showcase Schools in Europe 

We are exploiting the US markets and the Charter Schools market. We attended recently in Miami, FL the CER’s SILVER ANNIVERSARY SUMMIT & CELEBRATION.

We are also working with Microsoft on the Digital Transformation for the Higher Education.

We are in close discussions for creating new SoFIA Network schools in the Balkans (and other countries, but on early stages)

Education Transformation 
Framework Workshops(Athens - Greece, Brussels - Belgium, Zagreb - Croatia, Kiev - Ukraine, Tallin & Tartu - Estonia, Tbilisi - Georgia,  Budapest - Hungary)

School Assessments

(Dubai, Abu Dhabi)

School Assessments

(New York)

School Assessments

(Bucharest, Kiev)

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George Dimopoulos
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New countries that we are close to work are Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan. We are having established relations in Kiev - Ukraine, New York – US, Zagreb – Croatia, Bucharest – Romania, Sofia - Bulgaria.  

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Education Transformation 
Framework Workshop 
(Tbilisi, Georgia)

I.B. E.E.F.

Speech, workshop

K-12 Education Transformation 1-day Workshop 

K-12 Education Transformation Framework speech

Athens - Greece

SoFIA is now published! 

Various references to SoFIA and its models can be found in this book:

Koutsopoulos, K., Doukas, K., & Kotsanis, Y. (2018). Handbook of Research on Educational Design and Cloud Computing in Modern Classroom Settings (pp. 1-402). Hershey, PA: IGI Global


This Handbook is a pivotal reference source for the latest research findings on the strategic role of cloud computing in education, teaching, and the learning process. Featuring extensive coverage on relevant areas such as competency-based models, educational and administrative models, personal learning environment, cloud-based learning etc., reflects successful outcomes of the developing and implementing innovative programs in a constant effort to transform students’ lives.

SoFIA’s innovative approaches and practices as a holistic, meaningful and harmonious educational experience, focusing on an overall student profile in order to succeed in a dynamically changing world, are mentioned, among others, in the Preface of the Book,

in Chapter 4: Models of Competences,

in Chapter 7: "1:1" Educational Computing,

in Chapter 20: Career Counseling, and

in Chapter 21: Real-Time Career Management.

We participated in the IB Global Conference 
and SoFIA Education Experts presented on the Expo Session the topic
“From Vision to Action, How to achieve the change in Education. Key innovative elements and practices that translate vision into strategic objectives and measurable results”. This session included the presentation of the following modules, which we consider may be of interest to your school:

  1. School improvement through a 2-day Collaborative Workshop Assessment. SoFIA Education Experts are capable of submitting an analytical report to the school’s principal that highlights areas of excellence but also areas that need improvement after an in depth on site assessment.

  2. Inspire, motivate and support teachers’ personal development through sharing best practices

  3. Implement the most demanding 21st century change in schools, a holistic 1:1 Learning and Teaching Methodology

  4. Design and develop student personalized Career Management

  5. Prepare global students & global opportunities through a well-designed Education Hub

  6. Embed 21st century competences through a Scholarships Program.

TEAMS Seminars in CYPRUS

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