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SoFIA® Brings Together 


An educational organization is all about taking into consideration a unique set of stakeholders and making them work together towards a common cause.


We value collaboration between students, parents and teachers which provides a more holistic approach towards meeting educational objectives.




Students work individually or collaborate in teams depending on the nature of the educational objective. They participate actively in their personal learning, creating diverse portfolios which demonstrate character, ambitions and strengths as well as their interests. They construct and manage their unique personalities and competences through knowledge, skills and life values. 




Parents become an active part of their children’s education by participating in school activities. They are frequently informed about their children’s activities and their overall performance in order to be able to effectively support their children. They participate in yearly qualitative and quantitative research along with the teachers and the students, exploring areas relating to the quality of educational services and identifying possible areas for school improvement.




Teachers collaborate, monitor, organize, inspire and design hands-on activities. They are also the designers of educational material, having embraced their new role. They are continuously educated, especially on the use of ICT in the educational process. Teachers are assisted by in and out of the classroom equipment. Each classroom allows for a modular exploitation of space, enabling the teacher to create an environment with alternative set-ups that encourages communication, teamwork and fosters creativity.

the needs

of the Students

the vision

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the concerns

and the expertations

of the Parents

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