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  • Site Surveys; SoFIA Education Experts conduct site surveys that focus on benchmarking educational organizations with SoFIA™ best practices. This enables these organizations pinpoint the areas that need to be developed for improving key results.


  • Manuals; SoFIA™ has developed a series of manuals serving as guidelines that support the education and administration model. These manuals depict not only the steps required to reach optimum results but also the relationships of the variables for stakeholders to comprehend the logic.


  • Best Practices; SoFIA Education Experts call for several best practices. These have been identified and stressed after considerable secondary and primary research has been undertaken. These best practices are shared with our partners as a benchmark towards success.


  • Training; SoFIA Education Experts offer considerable practical training in key areas of the SoFIA™  Model. This is undertaken with the use of manuals and key takeaways by seasoned education professionals.


  • Consulting; Our team offers consultancy services in the field of school assessment & evaluation, educational set up, education delivery, administration, personalized learning and other areas of the education industry.


  • Accreditation; SoFIA  Education Experts offer extensive expertise in terms of how schools and educational establishments can become accredited in specific areas from ISO and EFQM quality requirements to specific language and program quality accreditations.

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