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Supporting partners in the Showcase Schools Summit 2021

Every year Microsoft brings together leaders and teachers from the Showcase school and Incubator community all over Europe to a yearly event where we learn from each other, exchange best practices and empower one other... and this year was no exception!

We engaged in a two day virtual journey with Microsoft experts, Showcase school leaders, Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts and other external guests.

Expect Hands-on workshops, immersive sessions and some expert tips and tricks.

Attendees included school leaders, educators, and policy decision makers.

Technology is an accelerator and by sharing the lessons learned and solutions created from several members of our community, we are able to explore, develop and implement strategies that will help us to fulfil children’s dreams.

Microsoft is trying to empower every student on the planet to achieve more, and they believe that education leaders, teachers and students, must contribute with their opinion and experience in the transformation process.

We share their vision and are proud supporting partners in the Showcase Schools Summit 2021.



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