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Chief Education Officer (CEO)

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Mr. Christakos was born in Athens and studied Law at the University of Athens (LLB, Law). At the same time (1986-1988) he received a Diploma in Programming and Information Systems Analysis from Data Rank Corp. and founded a private software development company, which he managed until April 2004. He continued his studies at postgraduate level, gaining a Degree in Economics (MSc Finance) in 2001 from the University Strathclyde. In 2008 he became certified in Investment Management from the FCA, UK (Certificate in Investment Management (CertIM)). His professional career began as a computer expert and then as the founder and CEO of his own software development company (1989), which he sold in 1999 and managed until April 2004.  During the period from November 2004 to September 2010 he worked for the Greek government (Ministry of Economy and Finance, European Union co-funded projects) and has funded and managed hundreds of projects in Education that involved equipment, networking, training of teachers and digital content to create an educational system for the 21st century. The aim was to adapt the education system to the requirements of the digital age and to increase the use of new technologies in education, networking of schools, universities and the academic community (including administrations), training of teachers and pupils, and developing digital educational content. From October 2010 to September 2012, he worked at KPMG as a Senior Manager while in October 2012, he founded and managed his own consulting company working with international Hedge Funds and implementing Business Plans, Financial Studies, Feasibility Studies and Cost-Benefit Analysis, Marketing and sales for various clients. During his career, he has launched successful start-ups in the sectors of ICT, Construction, Finance and Energy and has helped many others create and grow their businesses. In January 2017 he joined SoFIA Education Experts as a CEO.


Quality Assurance Specialist, Μember of the advisory board

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Mr Thomas Angelopoulos is in charge of Doukas School Quality Management Department since 2007. He is responsible for administering the company quality program in accordance with customer and company requirements. He is a Qualified Validator and Assessor eligible to consult and assess companies for the “European Foundation for Quality Management" at all levels (Committed to Excellence, Recognized for Excellence, European Quality Awards) and member of the Hellenic Management Association and Economic Chamber of Greece. He has a degree in Banking & Financial Management from the University of Piraeus, Greece (2002) and a Masters degree in Corporate Strategy & Governance from Nottingham University Business School, UK (2004). Furthermore, he holds a Diploma in “Quality Management Systems” which provided him with fundamental background on corporate strategy planning issues. He has participated in numerous seminars in the field of Human Resource Management, Quality Assurance Systems and Corporate Social Responsibility and he has presented his ideas and vision regarding “Quality in Education” in several national conferences. He was born in 1979 and is married with 2 children. 


Education & ICT Specialist, Μember of the advisory board

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Vassilis Economou is currently Director of Informatics and Digital Education in the Athens College | Hellenic – American Educational Foundation. From 1994 to 2020 he was Head of the Dpt. of Informatics and Digital Education at Doukas School. From 2004, he is in charge of Doukas School “1:1 Computing Team”, which aims to incorporate the Student Personal Computer in education. He is also Senior Consultant at SoFIA Education Experts Ltd. He is certified validator specialized in the evaluation of companies according to the standards of the European Foundation for Quality Management – “Commitment to Excellence”. In 2013 he has been nominated Expert Educator and represented Greece in the Microsoft Global Forum organized in Barcelona, Spain (2014). In 2014, he and his student team won the first place at the European Programming Competition Kodu Kup (e-skils, European School Net, Microsoft). In 2015 he was reselected as Expert Educator(MIEExpert15) and became one of the thirteen Microsoft Fellows in the world who judge the projects of teams participating at Microsoft Global Forums (Seattle, USA).He received awards and distinctions for projects concerning the introduction of «1:1» methodology in Education as well as the impact of digital material on educational methodologies and on the role of the Teacher. As researcher and analyst-programmer, he participated in the development of more than 50 projects concerning ICT in Education and Special Education as well and of more than 80 software titles of ICT software. He continues to train hundreds of teachers to implement ICT into educational practice. He has developed various Management Information Systems in several programming environments, has published articles in educational magazines and presented several papers in scientific conferences related to the “introduction of ICT in education” and “quality in education”. His research interests involve «1:1» Methodology, Mixed Reality, Interactive Surfaces and quality educational software. His vision is to engage as many students, educators and parents as possible to efficiently use technology in Education.



R&D in Education Specialist, Μember of the advisory board

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Yannis Kotsanis holds a PhD in Computer Engineering and Educational Technology from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). From 1987 to 2017, he was Head of the ICT Department and currently he is Head of the Quality Department and the R&D Department at Doukas School (K-12 Education). He is also currently Senior Consultant at SoFIA Education Experts Ltd. His main research interests pertaining to the innovative and competency-based education, with an emphasis in language communication, logic and digital literacies, the school of the future, 1:1, gamification, educational applications, 1:1, geography and adult training. He has worked as senior researcher and senior project manager in more than 60 R&D programs and he has participated in the development of more than 50 educational software titles. Moreover, he is a trainer/tutor/instructor in Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses and Seminars on Information Technology in Education. He is also the co-author of more than 70 publications in Greek and International Conferences and Journals and a member and reviewer of National Conference Committees. Considering collaboration and sharing as valuable competences of the 21st century, he is active in social media... []

Paul Delbridge-Smith FRSA MA(Ed) NPQ

Education Transformation, Standards and Performance Specialist

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Paul Delbridge-Smith FRSA has enjoyed a broad and distinguished career and is an accomplished and experienced international education management and leadership professional, with over 25 years experience in international education leadership, management and innovation in both the public and private sectors in the UK and internationally. His leadership roles and experience are diverse including local, national and international government advisory positions, international school inspections, as well as public and private school leadership. Paul continues his research into innovation and entrepreneurship in education leadership, policy and practice, building on his international research for which he was awarded Masters in Educational Leadership and Innovation (University of Warwick, UK). Paul is a graduate of 4 universities in England (Warwick, Exeter, Bristol and Leicester), and holds the National Professional Qualification for Headship in the UK.
Building on his success as a teacher, school leader and governor, Paul’s transformational school leadership was recognized by the Department for Education (DfE) and he was appointed in 2005 as National Director to lead the creation of a national professional learning network of 265 specialist business and enterprise schools, to promote a culture of enterprise and innovation in schools across the 5 to 25 years age range across 29000 primary, secondary and special schools, as part of a £460m government investment into enterprise education. The role required Paul to lead a national strategy of coherence with business and industry partners in order to generate a national culture and common understanding of enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurship in education Early Years through to University level, whilst also advising other governments internationally on enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurship in education. Paul then worked over 5 years as an inspector of schools on behalf of Ofsted.  In 2014 Paul joined the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai, as one of five Principal Inspector, to co-author the UAE School Inspection Framework as well as an innovation in education strategy for embedding a culture of innovation in schools across the UAE. This is the first unified and unique approach to raising education standards across 17 different types of curriculum schools and across the 7 emirates of the UAE’s very unique and aspirational context within the Middle East.

Paul is a 'thinking leader' who has an unrelenting passion for empowering school leaders, teachers, and governors / school owners to define, set and achieve world-class educational outcomes for children and young people, educators and parents. He is a skilled professional coach, trainer, public speaker, presenter and author. Paul has built his reputation on the forensic, intelligent and SMART nature of his work, as well as the impact he has in empowering governments, school owners and leaders to achieve aspirational goals to overcome their educational challenges, whilst driving forward outstanding and 'standing out' next generation education provision for children and young people, and education leadership. 
Paul is creative and innovative in re-imagineering, re-engineering, and redefining the A to Z of world-class education standards and performance, and in conceptualizing future models of schooling and education.

Ben Howell Davis

R&D in Education Specialist

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My career in education has spanned over forty years.  In that time I have come to understand that education is fundamentally communicating the power of knowledge. Today, teaching has become a complex intersection of ideas, people, and  technology that requires relationship building and information management. I have become experienced in many professional leadership contexts including tenured university associate professor of art (working with students, faculty, administration, external partnering, publishing,  and innovative use of visual technologies);  research associate and the manager of an international multimedia software development consortia at a world class educational institution (MIT)  building software teams, fostering collaborative cross-cultural behaviors, cultivating extensive international business development, negotiatiing and managing long-term projects;  manager of digital publishing and communications at one of the world’s largest arts institutions (J. Paul Getty Trust), oversight, negotiation and project management for complex content (The Bibliography of the History of Art for example), production scheduling, budgets, print, Web, CD, and other technologies, relationships between authors, editors and graphic designers;  strategic director for digital solutions for an international design corporation (Razorfish, Inc.) providing decision-making leadership for employees, creating educational opportunities to entice and retain talent, negotiating and coordinating relationships between software engineers, digital designers, clients and senior management. While technology can facilitate problem solving, working successfully with people via respect, diligence, patience, and attention to detail with a view to enhancing the abilities of all players is what creates stable, fulfilling, and sustainable educational success.


Consultant, Davis International • 2003 to present

Project management, relationship management, analysis, standardization, optimizing and preservation of digital assets and information for businesses, institutions, and organizations.

Strategic Development Director, Corporate Education and Innovation • 2000-2002

Razorfish, Inc. Los Angeles, CA

Manager, Electronic Publications and Communications • 1995-2000

J. Paul Getty Trust and Getty Information Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Research Associate, Manager: AthenaMuse Software Consortium and Application Development • 1991-1994

Center for Educational Computing Initiatives

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA 

Research Associate, Manager: Visual Computing, Project Athena • 1987-1991

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Electronic Imagery • 1975-1986 Atlanta College of Art, Atlanta, GA


Doctoral Studies, Communication, Computing, and Technology, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY

Master of Fine Arts Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

Bachelor of Science, Communications, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Dr Manolis Koutlis

Education Transformation

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Dr Manolis Koutlis is a Computer and Computer Engineer with PhD in Educational Technology. He has worked for 17 years in Academic-Research Institute of Computer Technology (EA-ITY) under various capacities in projects related to Educational Technology and Geographic Information Systems. He was a founding member of Talent A.E. Information Systems where he has been working since 2003 in the position of Managing Director, Project Management and Business Development. During his career he has managed projects with a total value of more than 40 MEuro. His field of expertise include Educational Technology, Geo-Informatics Systems, Location Based Services and e-commerce systems. He has published more than 15 articles in refereed journals and international conferences and has co-organized three workshops with leading international speakers.

George Dimopoulos

Senior Consultant

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George holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Sunderland University and an MBA in Corporate Finance and Marketing, from Stirling University.  He has more than 15 years of experience in management, consulting, EU funding and he is a guest lecturer for 20 years at the University of Western Attika, Cardiff University and University of Derby. He has managed complex projects involving many stakeholders and has managed to reconcile and overcome difficult, time-pressing situations. He believes that strategy and philosophy assisted by an innovative educational framework is going to help students to be able to think creative and innovative and offer new ways for breakthrough growth and development in the chosen fields of engagement.

Chris Gerry 

School Improvement Global Consultant

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Chris Gerry is a UK based consultant who has worked on education projects in over thirty countries around the world.  He was a headteacher and chief executive of a Multi Academy Trust for almost twenty years in the UK.  During that time he was noted for new school building designs incorporating the use of technology for learning and business intelligence systems to support better targeting of individual pupils. Chris saw the link between psychological profiling and academic development and used this to both improve academic outcomes and develop more resilient students. He has particular expertise in both building design and the development of data driven approaches to improving student capabilities. He currently owns and operates The Skills Lab a global consultancy that helps schools and government agencies with school improvement.  Chris holds BA and Ph.D degrees from the University of Sussex in England and an MA from Brown University in the US.



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Poonam Dogra is a Officiating Principal and Vice-Principal from last 9 months in Genius International School. Also she had Computer Science teacher teaching Grade 6 to 12 students in Rayat International School, India. She has been recognized by the British Council, UK as a International School Award Technical Coordinator for 2014-17, a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator 2014-15. She is responsible for handling a host of collaborative international projects for the Rayat International School over the past 4 years. These projects include International School Award projects, Flat Stanley projects, and Microsoft Projects like Project –“BOOND-Every Drop Matters”, Project Based Learning, BYOD(Bring your own Device)  undertaken as part of the Microsoft Innovative Pathfinder School, Microsoft Mentor School, Microsoft Showcase School. The main aim of teaching is not to cover the content but uncover learning opportunities beyond four walls of thinking. My passion to learn, explore and share my knowledge encourages me to successfully accomplish my task and be the best I can be. The zest and the zeal, the enthusiasm to learn, the satisfaction of development, and work done inspires me to move ahead. I feel such projects should be embedded in educational curriculum, so that not just a few but a large section of society gains knowledge. Accordingly, such education should be beyond school or limited boundaries and should reach the masses by providing education to deserving but deprived classes.

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Tatjana Kriliuviene is an English teacher in Kursenai Laurynas Ivinskis Gymnasium, Lithuania. She has been working as an English teacher at school for over 30 years. She teaches students of different ages. She is an expert teacher of English, which means she has the highest possible qualification category for the teacher in Lithuania. Tatjana Kriliuviene is an author of national textbooks which are used in Lithuanian schools. The teacher is a member of the panel of English Teachers‘ Resource Centre of Siauliai region, which is a part of Teachers‘ Development Centre of the region. In the panel she is responsible for teaching to young learners. She coordinates teachers‘ development in Siauliai region and carry out seminars and courses for English teachers of different level. In addition, Tatjana is a national consultant of integration of IT in the educational process, and a facilitator. She has prepared and fulfilled over 20 programmes of teachers’ development in National Teachers’ Development Centre and different Regional Teachers’ Development Centers in Lithuania. T. Kriliuviene has given more than 50 lectures and seminars on different topics of ELT and school management in Lithuania and abroad. Ms Tatjana is a Microsoft Expert (MIEE) and a coordinator of MS Innovative School project (Showcase School) at school. She is Lithuania’s Teacher of a Year (2014). Ms Kriliuviene is a communicative person not afraid of hard work, always ready to apply new methods and techniques in her lessons. New challenges is the energy that  makes her move in life. 

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Maria Philippi started her career twenty years ago, as a communication & media specialist, while studying Business Administration in which she also obtained her Master’s Degree. Her innovative mindset, combined with her passion for education, led her to further studies in Communication & Media and then to a specialization in ICT in Education by opting for a Master in Education. She is currently working are researcher in the field of Hybrid Learning. She founded the innovative hybrid learning space in 2011. Maria is currently collaborating with University Research Institute of Applied Communication in Sense Greece Project. Her vision is to transform the learning procedure through Internet of Things (IoT) tools, as they can fulfill the needs of every learner to connect with Nature as ...Teacher! She supports #teachersmatter initiative and voluntarily helps refugees in Greece.

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Mrs Konstantina Komninaki was born in Lesvos in 1983 and studied Social Policy at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. In 2009, she gained her Master degree in "Informatics in Education" from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and completed successfully her Master thesis in Planning and Educational Software Development. She has participated as a scientific expert of the National Documentation Center in design and implementation of the project "National Information System for Research and Technology (NISRT) / Social Networks - content generated by users". Since 2007 she works as a business consultant collaborating with various consulting companies (Deloitte, Kantor, Planet SA etc.) and deals with the Implementation, Management and Monitoring of European Union co-funded projects in the public sector (field of Informatics) and especially with projects-actions concerning ICT in Education (Managing Authority of the Operational Programme of Digital Convergence of Greece's NSRF 2007-2013). 

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Ms. Marinou was born in Athens and “connected” with music at the age of 6 years old. She continued her studies in piano and music theory at the music highschool of Pallini. She finished her piano and music theory  education while attending the National University of Athens and acquired her degree in Musicology in 2005. From September 2005 until June 2008 she taught in primary schools and music schools in Athens and from September 2008 until June 2014 she taught in special education schools as well as in vocational institutes the subjects of sound engineering, music history, music of the 20th century, musical analysis, music theory etc. She continued her studies with three degrees in music composition and a master’s degree in ICT in education in 2012 along with a master’s degree in Special Education in 2014 while remaining an active musician playing in live bands, classical ensembles and duets. In the meantime she was involved in many innovative educational programs and initiatives using ICT and pioneer methods creating original music with SEN students. Since 2007 she has participated and also organized conferences and seminars about music education, ICT and special education. Since August 2014 she has been living and working in Dubai, teaching in international schools (ISAS and Raffles international School, following American and British curriculum respectively).



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Dora Farmaki (Computer Engineer, MSc in Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems, LSE) with over 25 years of experience in strategic Research & Innovation planning and business development as well as in the coordination and support of large-scale projects, including the development of information repositories for education and research.. She started her career as the database administrator at the National Documentation Centre/NHRF, supporting access to international databases, Hellenic R&D data collections & knowledge services for research and education communities and academic libraries in Greece. Being the National Contact Point for the ICT Programme, project manager for a number of policy support EU projects, coordinator of EuroRIs-NET (the European network of NCPs for Research Infrastructures programme) and technical manager of large-scale infrastructures, such as the National Information System for Research and Technology (NISRT), she has supported digital strategies for education and research, as well as the establishment of knowledge repositories for the education community. Having served as the National Expert for the European Research Infrastructures Programme, NPR for Open Access policies, and Cabinet member of the Secretary General for Research and Technology (2012-2013) and the Deputy Minister of Education for Research & Innovation (2015-2016), she has played an instrumental role in the development of roadmaps and national policies towards the establishment of an efficient knowledge triangle (research, education and innovation), fostering international cooperation, stimulating stakeholders’ engagement, providing guidelines and supporting the setup of relevant evaluation and monitoring processes. She is member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), and has been Secretary General of the Hellenic Association of Computer Engineers and member of the Scientific Committee of IEKEM (Institute of Education and Training of TEE).

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Dr. Ilias Kontakos is an experienced and academically new-technology based development and investment expert for both public and private sector. He has a strong multidisciplinary academic background with internationally recognized degrees, in the areas of business (BA, University of Piraeus, GR, 1996), production management (MScEng University of Birmingham, UK, 1998) and ICT for development (Ph.D. University of Birmingham, 2003, UK), which allows him to address the most demanding issues and provide innovative and competitive solutions.  In his career path, Dr. Kontakos has taken up multiple roles and challenges gaining useful experiences and practical knowledge. Starting his career as an accountant (1996-97) he continued, after his studies, as Senior Lecturer at the Technical Education Institute of Epirus (2004-2005), regional development consultant (2005) and project and program manager in Information Society S.A. (2005-2014). Challenges he addressed involved, reduction of red tape in immigration processes using ICTs, bioenergy cultivations and extended use of biofuels in the region of Epirus, set up and running of the Greek  e-government forum, updated Prefect of Piraeus’ Business plan for maritime center of excellence and Kavala’s Old Port of exploitation plan, and many other regional plans.

Since 2014, he is offering his services as a Policy and Investment advisor for international cooperation set ups focusing in the areas of ICT, energy and environment. He has been involved in Chaos University System (CUS) course set up in Antwerp University working closely with Standish Group Organsiation, USA, he has suggested a new model for a diesel free islands’ future perspectives, and he is active in scouting new start ups in the area of energy and environment. 

Since 2009, he is a chairman of the non-for-profit organization “a Tree for a Kid” with a focus to urge cities to offer more green and nature opportunities for young children.

Maria Koutsafti

Career Consultant

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With graduate studies in Counseling & Guidance in USA and UK, she is specialized in Career Counselling, Assessment and Career Development (30 years experience). Since 1991 she is the Founder & Director of the Career Counseling Center “VG&EC.-Career Associates” & Director of the Career Counselling Department “STEP” of the private school “Doukas”. Since 2009 she is the Director of the NBCC Greece. Being a member in various professional associations has actively participated in several Greek & International projects and research related to her specialty. She was Scientific Advisor/Expert for the development of the Career Counselor profile in Greece on behalf of SEV and EOPPEP (2013). She was also Leader in the research project on the establishment of the National Institute for Vocational Guidance in Greece. She has been the National Delegate of the Ministry of Education for the Leonardo Da Vinci programmes in Brussels.

George N. Drivas, Μ.Α.

Certified Assessor/Inspector

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George Drivas is no stranger to Foreign Language education, having spent 38 years as a teacher, teacher trainer, author and presenter both at a local and international levels. Passionate about learning, education and training, he is keen on studying, developing and implementing innovative ideas in terms of pedagogical framework as well as content development. He has presented and published work aiming at the use of technology in education based on pedagogy and current teaching method; his latest paper has been published in Handbook of Research on Educational Design and Cloud Computing in Modern Classroom Settings by IGI Global, US. He has been the Director of Studies at Doukas School Department of Foreign Languages since 1994.  He is a Certified Assessor/Inspector

  • European Association for Quality Language Services (EAQUALS)

  • European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM)

    • Validator, Commited to Excellence

    • European Assessor, Recognised for Excellence

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Polyvios Mylonas was born in Athens. Holds a degree in occupational therapy. Has graduated from the Technical Institute of Athens Greece Occupational therapy department. Has worked with passion for over two decades in rehabilitation and education for challenged students of all ages. His clients included physically handicapped children, children with learning disabilities, ADHD as well as students in the autistic spectrum. Has special interest in the use of assistive technology and the adaptation needed for the inclusion of all kind of students in the mainstream educational system.Has managed and directed rehabilitation programs in Greece Eftymion Center (Korinth), Cyprus Nicosia center for spastic children Anemoni for over 20 years. Is currently an occupational therapist at a special school Nicosia Cyprus, as well as clinical educator supervisor for occupational therapy students.


 Nikolaos Amanatidis is an ICT trainer, consultant, researcher as well as primary school teacher. His activities include knowledge work and research in London UK, Germany, Cyprus and Thessaloniki, Greece . He holds many years’ experience in adult training, ICT development and the design and implementation of educational policies on ICT pedagogy. 

Nikolaos Amanatidis has very good analytical skills and an outstanding skill set in policy and socio-economic research and analysis, an excellent command of the English language even in writing, is reliable and always meets even tight deadlines 

Nikolaos Amanatidis has been involved in several European projects such as the Leonardo, on E study and as a National Correspondent for a study in the implementation, acquisition and promotion of ICT in the primary schools of Greece and Cyprus. 

Presents ability and competence to study alternative options and suggest recommendations in the fields of ICT, lifelong learning, e learning and Education 

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