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Our educational model is based on:


  • Goals; what kind of students do we want to develop and nurture;

  • Methodology; how do we achieve our targets; and

  • Means; what kind of tools do we need in order to support our philosophy and procedures.


SoFIA® uses the 1:1 methodology (1 student: 1 PC) effectively and the balanced implementation of a variety of teaching models in order to enhance not only the learning experience but also to personalize learning and meet our learning objectives for every student.




















The teaching methods that are used interchangeably (and dependent on the learning outcome objective) are the:

  • Teacher-centered methods

  • Student-centered methods

  • Teamwork-centered methods


The concept offers a more holistic approach for the student but also for the educator and the parent.


The school, by using our Education Model and methodologies becomes more:


  • Creative: By developing unique learning methods, our students become motivated through team activities and projects and bring out the maximum creative abilities of our educators and students.


  • Cheerful: Through a unique schooling environment the activities of each class are further developed through the playground motions, school adventures and experiential learning based cultural and athletic events.


  • Useful: By empowering students with the most appropriate skills and values, properly combined with knowledge acquisition, our students become better equipped to confront their demanding modern lives.


  • Effective: By achieving our objectives and effectively driving student performance, our students certify their life competencies and succeed in University entry.

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