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Enhance quality in education program - 2021

We are helping schools to turn challenges to opportunities

Mature services with instant added value

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1:1 methodology

"1:1 educational computing", a methodology in which each pupil in the class has her/his own computer, which they use to participate in the learning activities. The students become active participants in their personal learning and educational events as well as creators of their own “artifacts.

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Teams Jump Start

Teachers; the figure behind every student, the

helping hand to any question, the push towards

success, the support behind every idea. The success

of this model derives from the teachers and their

collaboration. They implement the methodologies,

they train, they learn, they practice and ultimately

evolve the education process for their students. Of

course, the schools implement the guidelines but it

is the teachers that inspire students and have to

deliver this through fruitful collaboration and ongoing

exchange of expertise.

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2-day Assessment

The 2day assessment is a collaborative workshop with the school management, teachers and staff from supporting departments.

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On 2-day assessment workshop:

“An extremely professional process

which I believe will lead to genuine school improvement.” 

Principal, Private School, Dubai, UAE

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