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Education Changes… S.E.E. the Added Value

Private education is a sector experiencing high growth especially in emerging markets and/or areas of underperforming public schools. The driving force generating this growth is the parents’ needs and expectations for a better education and future for their children and society’s fast moving requirements in terms of a new, updated and upgraded skillset for students. By utilizing the effectiveness of SoFIA™ Education and Administration Model we can ensure higher academic and financial returns and the creation of a long-term value to any school or Network of schools.

The adding value factor for schools is SoFIA™ which is a certified and award winning Education and Administration Model supported by its own world-class Framework, developed by School of the future International Academy (non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation).

From Vision to Action

There is a shared vision among global societies to enhance quality in education. Various stakeholders focus more closely on the needs, aptitudes and aspirations of individual pupils, especially through constantly changing times where traditional education and most learning methodologies are being challenged.

It is not easy for a school to translate that vision into strategic objectives and measurable results. SoFIA Education Experts answer the question “how to achieve that change” through SoFIA™ certified and award winning Education and Administration Model and its Framework. The uniqueness of SoFIA™ lies upon its adaptability in embedding international methodologies and best practices within its Models and Framework with high respect to local culture, values and the school’s strategy.

By building, managing, assessing, consulting and certifying schools, SoFIA Education Experts provide customized propositions either for developing a new school or assisting an existing school in identifying and working on opportunities for academic and operational excellence. 

SoFIA Education Experts are aligned to updated versions of SoFIA™  Models and Framework, through continuous training. Our team delivers to educational institutions credible, trustworthy procedures and methodologies to achieve exceptional academic results for their students, increase their brand awareness and reputation and optimize their financial performance.

SoFIA Education Experts can apply “fast-track” implementation procedures, thus delivering great results in a short period of time.

SoFIA Education Experts' 2-day Analysis and Assessment: The assessor team will visit your school, conduct a range of interviews across all education and administration divisions and collect useful information and data needed to present to you an in depth initial assessment. You will receive a formal feedback report where the team members consolidate their findings into a list of strengths and areas for improvement for the school's management to consider, according to the SoFIA Framework. We will perform a free 2-day assessment, based on the upfront agreement that if there are findings and you approve them, we will work on at least one of them.


At the next level, our team along with the school's management team will agree on specific projects, areas, targets and performance indicators crucial to accomplish and monitor effective adaptation of the SoFIA Model into school's management system. At this stage consulting on "what" is required and training on "how to" achieve sustainable results are charged as per SoFIA Education Experts' pricing policy. 

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Design and develop

student personalized

Career Management

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Adapt a holistic 1:1 Learning

and Teaching Methodology

Στιγμιότυπο 2018-07-25, 9.51.41 μμ.png

Global students,

global opportunities

through a well-designed

Education Hub

Στιγμιότυπο 2018-07-25, 9.44.05 μμ.png

Harness collaboration

amongst teachers through

constant best practices sharing

Στιγμιότυπο 2018-07-25, 9.55.07 μμ.png

Successfully implement

the most demanding

21st century change

in schools

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SoFIA Education Experts is proud to announce that is has become a Microsoft Education Training Partner and can thus help leaders and educators in their path to transformation. As Microsoft  states: 

“Microsoft provides access to recommended Microsoft Education Training Partners and Learning Consultants to support educators and leaders to understand how best to leverage technology for learning. Each trainer has undergone an official Microsoft training program and is certified to deliver training on Microsoft’s behalf.

Microsoft Education Training Partners engage with educators and school leaders through in-depth training and professional development sessions that support educator proficiency as technology products and curriculum are being deployed, or, to help educators improve their skills using existing technology. Microsoft Education Training Partners are aligned to the Microsoft Education Transformation Framework and deliver Teacher Academy sessions including various types and lengths of training sessions. Training Partners will engage with you to tailor trainings to ensure they deliver the type of training experiences you and your educators need.

Microsoft Learning Consultants introduce attendees to Microsoft Education technology including scenario-based learning examples supported with technology. Learning Consultants typically host complimentary two-hour introductory sessions available on a first-come first-serve basis. Learning Consultants have backgrounds as classroom educators or administrators and work for Microsoft to deliver these introductory sessions.” 

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“I would definitely recommend SoFIA Education Experts consulting services for future collaboration” 

Principal, Private School, Dubai, UAE

“The vision of our founders is to create an elite network of schools in the region where continuous development will be part of the people’s culture and will ignite all school stakeholders with a passionate personal responsibility for learning and inspire them with a commitment for active citizenship. This can only be achieved in partnership with SoFIA®.” 

New school founders, Romania




“Thanks for your respected organization the valuable and fruitful information you have provided us.” 

Director of Education, Private School, Doha, Qatar 




«I am particularly impressed on the tri-fold Knowledge, Skills and Values that comprises the cornerstone of your model which enables the 21st century students and provides them with the competences they need.» 

Multi-national technology provider 




"We had an Excellent discussion that never felt like an assessment. The SoFIA team definitely knows education and how a school is and should be run. Their ideas opened new ways of thinking for us and their suggestions were very accurate, giving us immediate tasks to implement in our school."  

Principal, Private IB school, Bucharest Romania 

“I also like your individualized approach to each student and the way that you address each one’s needs and the balanced implementation of technology with the 1:1 methodology.” 

Multi-national technology provider 

SoFIA®, with its Educational and Administration Model successfully confronts and addresses the skill requirements for students in the 21st century and are supported by a 360 degrees continuous feedback and assessment. This is why we choose SoFIA® to operate our school.   

New school founders, Bulgaria 

On 2-day assessment workshop: “An extremely professional process which I believe will lead to genuine school improvement.” 

Principal, Private School, Dubai, UAE

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